Response to Janett

Interesting response. I didn’t know about the GOP’s plan for the Violence Against Women Act denying protect. I will definitely have to do my homework on this subject. Thanks for sharing.


In response to my classmates blog entitled: Light in the darkness, I agree with your analysis at the seriousness of domestic violence. Given that violence against women is common in South Africa with 25% of men from all social strata admitting to having raped a woman, I think it is very unlikely justice of any sort will be found for this victim.  Women in South Africa are not protected, valued or given justice.  It is a tragic state of affairs, but not unique in the world.  Native American women in the US are about to be refused equal protection of their rights and freedoms by the GOP in their legislative proposals for the Violence Against Women Act….

I also agree that this was indeed murder, and not an accident as Pistorius alleges. I understand South Africa has a legal system different from our own, and the need to be careful…

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