Response to Stacey:
Wow, what an interesting perspective from your life. In fact, you’re not alone as people steering clear of others that are different from them. However, I was fortunate in my up bring. I grew up in a diverse neighborhood. Lucky for me that I’ve heard most sides of people’s views. Unfortunately, for me, I never experienced the harsh reality of ignorance until I became an adult. Yikes! However, I learned to work with people who have opposing views. I will add that I’ve open my eyes to an abundance of information to other cultures and view. It was my ah-ha moment.


I know we are suppose to blog about the media and what we think of the news, but I have something to say about my college experience. I grew up in a white Republican middle class household in rural Pennsylvania. My whole family for generations back were Republican–on both sides. They were coal miners, steel workers, factory laborers, country store owners, homemakers–just your average joes and josephines. I married someone just like me–white, middle class and Republican for generations back on both sides. I thought everyone thought and lived like me the whole time I was growing up. The first encounter I had with someone who didn’t agree with me politically was when I was employed as a nanny in New York during the Bush/Dukakis campaign in 1988. I was watching the news alongside the family I was working for and a story came up about Dukakis’ stand on abortion, which was…

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