Boys Scouts of America: Hold It

Wow Stacy, your comments are very strong, and from my position, I’m not that far from your opinion. Although, the BSA receives Federal funds, as a mother my thoughts are always in the mindset of protecting my child. I’ve always been cautious when befriending people. Therefore, I’m going to maintain this position for my child. Always, safety first. I’m not saying that because of your lifestyle choices I’m against you. However, I’m for my child above all! I’ll admit that I’ more reluctant to have mine or any other child placed in a position of possible harm which I have true power to prevent or avoid. We’ve all hear the stories or seen the news where children have been negatively affected by deceptive people placed in a position of authority. Therefore, I have to do what I need to protect mine.


…please, nobody cut off the branch while I’m out here.

Okay, a few quick words about the Boy Scouts. A private organization should be able to set policy for itself without being strongarmed by a minority of loud-mouthed activists that are trying to shove their agenda down the American people’s throats. Whether a homosexual is born that way or not is irrelevant. I know that’s the big argument, but it shouldn’t be, at least in this case. If the Boy Scouts don’t want homosexuals, why do homosexuals want the Boy Scouts? Is it because they are an outstanding organization with a reputation for honor and integrity? But if they cave to this pressure because they are afraid of losing corporate sponsorships from companies like UPS, wouldn’t that tarnish their reputation. So, if the BSA changes their policy, then gays can be part of the Boy Scouts but it won’t be the…

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