Yes, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s shoes are big and he has a task ahead of him. I can agree that she was highly visible to the public. We knew most of the steps and/or missteps she made. As a man, I think he will have it much easier than she did in opinions of the people. Sec Kerry has political stout and he appears to know the game. Only time will tell if he makes his own mark for the betterment of these United States.


We have a new Secretary of State and his jumping into his new job. John Kerry met with leaders from Israel, Palestine, and other middle eastern nations among others, during his first weekend on the job. I really think he is ready to perform the duties of a secretary of state. Yet I think he has bigger shoe then he thinks he does. I really fill that the American people we too hard on our former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Had she not been so transparent to the American people. I feel her time performing her duties would have been a lot easier. Kerry does not have those same disadvantages, because first he is a man. Well let’s see if he treated the same!

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