Response to Brown

The comment that struck me was “She has been around people who have died before, this time she knew that the blood was on her hands.”
Please tell us all how former president Bush felt as he watched thousands of caskets return from an Iraqi war that he manufactured? He probably had the same bewildered look he had after being told that America was under attack on 911. An attack whose warnings he received but ignored.
Does anyone in America think that the Republicans are being honest brokers in this matter? Where was their outrage on really major events like 9/11/2001 (Who walked the plank for that?) and others? This is a serious matter and deserves an investigation (which it has had) but to make it a political witch hunt is reprehensible.


One thing that angers me about the American ideal of a strong women. She is suppose to be strong enough to bare children but still can not appear to be stronger than a man. However when she works in a  male field, she must check those emotions at the door. If she does not she is seen as ill prepared or as  the  wrong person for the job. I am tried of seeing this occur. This is not the first time, for Mrs. Hilary Clinton, but she has come under attack again for her female sensibilities. Mrs. Clinton became emotional as she took on Republican critics of how her department handled the September terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the death of killed the U.S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans. Clinton passionately say’s ” I take responsibility”. Please stop being so hard on this woman, she is…

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