Each year we celebrate various holidays that represent different significant events. As an African American female, sometimes I feel over looked in my quest for universal freedom. However, I do think it’s important to recognize ALL ethnicities, genders etc. At the same time, I can relate to the comment of “Now you get it.” Are we so over sensitive to this salad bowl on issues Have we, as American, found minute reasons to recognize the various groups? However, history cannot be wiped off the earth with a swipe, making everything just OK because some people want it to be. Resentments on all sides that have built up and are continuing to be acted upon cannot be wiped clean. Black/white relations have a long, long way to go. Yes, things are so what better but far from “fixed.” Unfortunately, there are the ranters like Al Sharpton who keep the limelight and who keep a minority of black people very loudly up in arms. Unfortunately, the vocal ones on the other side latch on to THIS group to judge black people overall just like white people are judged by THEIR vocal minority, (Hannity, Limbaugh). The loud ones on any side, be it this issue or another, are the ones that are noticed. Some people tend to only think of the ranters and judge most black people are not like the ranters. There are also ranters of ALL ethnicities, which sometimes get lost in the shuffle as well.


Good for everybody

The gains in society made by blacks, women and gays in baby boomers’ lifetimes are extraordinary, perhaps unprecedented – is the description of this article. I was looking forward to reading a positive article but I think they played the old “Bait and Switch” on the readers.

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