Response to Gooden

Hagel does appear to be more than qualified for the position. What I like is that he has real world experience in combat. Therefore, he’s strong advocate for Americans in uniform. I would think that he would deliberate and weigh options before going to war. No waste of resources and lives!


Chuck Hagel was recently announced by President Obama as the nominee to replace Leon Pannetta as Defense Secretary. I was intrigued by the debate that has ensued over the nomination. Chuck Hagel was not only a long time senator from Nebraska, a state which has a strong relationship with the Defense Deapartment, he is a Republican nominated by a Democratic president. According to the Today Show and NPR, he is also the first enlisted Vietnam War veteran to possibly serve as Secretary of the Defense. He seems remarkably qualified to me. But some on both the Democratic side and the Republican side have expressed their reservations. Hagel has apparently been outspoken on his opposition of the wars in Iraq and Afganistan which makes the Republicans skittish. So what! He was nominated by a Democrat President who shares his views. Didn’t they expect the president to nominate a secretary of defense that agrees with…

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